Serbskie Stowarzyszenie Kulturalne "Batajnica"

KUD “Batajnica” (Serbian Cultural Association “Bataynitsa”) was founded in 2004. There are around 150 members in several sections: traditional orchestra, traditional singing groups, folk dance groups (which holds most of the members divided into different groups by age).

At our repertoire there are traditional dances and songs from different parts of Serbia: Central, East, West, North Serbia, Kosovo, and also traditional songs and dances from Macedonia and Montenegro, countries inhabited by Serbs in past times and still are today but in smaller account.

We participated in a lot of International festivals throughout Europe, like Poland, Bulgaria, Russia, Turkey, Republic od Srpska, Macedonia, France, Germany, Italy, and we regularly participate in folk festivals in all parts of our country.

In 2014 and 2015 we took part in one of the most recognized festival in our country, organized by the “Association of amateur folk dance groups of Belgrade”, and we won the first place in category The best choreography and The best orchestra; also KUD “Batajnica” won several second and third places in other categories like: The best female traditional singing group, The best traditional musician, The best stage appearance…

Our members, Milosh Mutapchich and Nina Despot, wrote a scenario for the short movie “Serbian folk story”, funded by Tempus Project and European Union. It is the first Serbian musical, and all the actors of it were our members. It was made in January 2016.

The 2016 was the most successful year in our history. Besides making a movie, we were on tour through Russia and France. We performed in Saint Petersburg and Kingisepp in Russia, and we were honored by being guests of the governor of Saint Petersburg. Also, we are invited to perform in Saint Petersburg this year.

In France, we performed at one of the most recognized and oldest festival in Europe, “Fetes de la vigne”, celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2016. Not only that we performed, we were awarded with the golden medal as one of the best ensembles on the festival.

Art Director of KUD „Batajnica“ - Mirko Mutapchich